Litigation often involves substantial amounts of data and the coordination of numerous experts. This information-intensive environment requires harnessing the correct technology resources and human capital. Typically, corporate information systems are not designed to support analyses related to litigation, merger review, or other unstructured problems. As such, assistance from qualified professionals, with both technology and subject matter expertise, is critical.

BRG’s professionals are experts at advising our clients in the effective use and recovery of their data. BRG experts lead organizations through the process of applying meaningful data analysis techniques to the array of electronic information generated and stored in a company’s financial and transactional systems.

We are skilled at identifying the right information needed for analysis by using our experience in econometrics, finance, and statistics, coupled with a specialized understanding of corporate organization and technology systems. We can convert and standardize data from virtually any format (whether paper or electronic), and build useful databases that allow us to perform effective data analysis and reporting.

BRG offers litigation support services in all phases of the litigation process, including pre-complaint risk assessment, discovery, and trial. Our staff routinely handles and analyzes large volumes of data on our secure in-house servers, with the capability of efficiently processing hundreds of millions of records. At trial or deposition, our experts have testified to the validity of data collection and analysis techniques and are experienced in presenting complex data issues in an effective and understandable manner.

BRG also offers data analytics support services related to merger review, including identifying potential competitive issues prior to initiating a deal, providing analyses to government competition agencies, and compiling data to comply with government agency requests for information (e.g., Federal Trade Commission/Department of Justice second requests).

Our Services

  • Extraction
  • File Conversions
  • Normalization
  • Database Development
  • Standardization
  • Quality Control
  • Econometric and Statistical Analysis
  • Economic Modeling
  • Financial Modeling


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