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BRG Review presents original research and analysis on topics of interest to audiences including economists, accountants, legal scholars, and industry leaders.

Original Research and Analysis

The breadth of material covered provides a glimpse into the varied and interesting ongoing research performed around the world by experts and staff throughout BRG. Our experts comprise academics and private-sector professionals in many fields, including economics, finance, healthcare, and data analytics.

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Summer 2023 (Vol. 10)


Winter 2018 (Vol. 7)

  • Katie Pawlitz, Esq., and Greg Russo: “Proactively Responding to Government Investigations Using Data Analytics: An Examination of Data Considerations in the Post-Acute Context”
  • Audrey Boles, Sam Brott, and Michele Martin: “Antitrust Market Definition—A Review of Five Influential Papers”
  • Tito Cardoso: “Utilizing a Self-Financing Strategy for Projects”

Spring 2017 (Vol. 6)

  • Greg Russo and Daniel Hettich: “Are You on Target? An Analysis of Medicare’s Target Prices under the New CJR Program and Where Your MSA Stands Now”
  • John Davis: “Unravelling Market Shifts in the Pricing of Composite Goods Using Hedonic Price Index Methods”
  • Jacqueline Baratian and Melissa Hulke: “BEWARE: The Road Signals Are Showing a Green Light for Increased Future Oversight and Enforcement of Medicaid Managed Care Fraud”
  • Dawn Eash, Keith Mendes, Joyce Suen, Joseph Tanimura, and C. Paul Wazzan: “Learning to Give and Take Depositions: A Case Study”

Spring 2016 (Vol. 5)

  • Aaron Vandervelde and JoAnna Younts: “A Detailed Diagnosis of Integrated Community Oncology”
  • Jeffrey Armstrong: “Protecting the Pillars of Consumer Demand: False Advertising Cases and Economic Trends in the United States since the Financial Crisis”
  • Neil Shifrin: “Solar Power for the United States”
  • Daniel Michel: “Estimating the Costs of Solar Conversion in the United States”


Winter 2014 (Vol. 4)

  • Robin Cantor and Albert Bremser: “Market Share Liability from an Economics Perspective”
  • Neil Shifrin and Robin Cantor: “The Safety of Chemical Products”
  • Neil Shifrin: “Chemical Leaks and Spills”

Spring 2013 (Vol. 3)

  • Dawn Eash: “Observational Studies in a Litigation Context: Important Practices in a Large-Scale Case Study”

Summer 2012 (Vol. 2)

  • Anne Marie Knott and Joseph Tanimura: “The Performance Effects of R&D Appropriation Methods”
  • Rajeev Bhattacharya and Stephen O’Brien: “Arbitrage Risk and Market Efficiency – Applications to Securities Class Actions”

Fall 2011 (Vol. 1:2)

  • John Davis: “The Role of the Economic Expert in the Banking and Investment Disputes Following the Subprime Crisis”
  • José Alberro: “Economic Impact of Research Funded by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine”

Winter 2011 (Vol. 1:1)

  • Kevin Kreitzman: “The Value of Control: Control Premiums, Minority Interest Discounts, and the Fair Market Value Standard”
  • Aaron Vandervelde: “Case Study: Impact of Health Reform on a Pharmaceutical Company”

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