BRG experts have substantial experience providing independent and objective testimony and consulting services in class action litigation. BRG experts have served as testifying expert witnesses and consultants in class actions concerning a wide variety of matters, including direct and indirect purchaser antitrust cases and securities, wage and hour, consumer protection, and breach-of-contract actions.

Who We Are

BRG experts include highly credentialed academics and experienced industry and government leaders, as well as seasoned consultants with a deep knowledge of economics, finance, industrial organization, and statistics. They combine a deep understanding of actual market behavior, relevant economic theory, and soundly based empirical research to deliver the highest-quality independent and objective testimony and advice to counsel and corporations concerning class action issues.

In this capacity, BRG experts routinely examine issues associated with potential conflicts between proposed class members and claimed impact and damages, and whether proposed class members are “similarly-situated,” for example. As part of such analyses, we regularly examine highly detailed data sets reflecting purchases (e.g., price and sales data) or other variables (e.g., wages) and apply rigorous statistical approaches to these data where appropriate.

Our experts also have analyzed issues associated with claimed damages in cases where a class has been certified. In addition, BRG provides our litigation clients and their counsel with services related to data and document discovery, data management, and litigation support.

What We Do

Types of Cases

  • Antitrust: Direct and Indirect Purchasers
  • Breach of Contract
  • Consumer Protection, including Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Labor and Employment
  • Securities

Expert Analysis

  • Adequacy of Class
  • Class Definition
  • Claim Form and Notice Design
  • Claimed Impact and Damages
  • Class Certification
  • Commonality Analysis
  • Claims Process Design
  • Liability Assessment
  • Potential Conflicts Between Putative Class Members
  • Typicality Assessment

Litigation Support

  • Demonstrative Evidence
  • Discovery Planning and Participation
  • Distribution Management
  • Document Collection and Management


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