Driving Change with Action

BRG strives to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is instinctive, not an initiative. As part of our commitment to drive change with action, we are focused on developing and retaining a workforce and leadership team that is more representative of minority and diverse backgrounds; fostering a stronger organizational culture that promotes inclusivity; fostering a stronger internal culture that promotes inclusivity; identifying, understanding, and reverting away from unconscious bias; and developing outreach programs that focus on helping and doing business with diverse communities.

One way we do this is through our employee resource groups (ERGs), which provide open forums for employees who share a common identity, background, or interest to meet and support each other by building a community and a sense of belonging. ERGs provide an environment and platform in which to collaborate and share ideas, as well as educate the broader company on cultural issues.

We also provide continuous training and resources. We have offered trainings on implicit (unconscious) bias from the National Training Institute on Race and Equity (NTIRE), which is affiliated with Morehouse College. Bryant T. Marks, PhD, founder of NTIRE, a professor in social psychology at Morehouse College, and a renowned diversity and inclusion expert, presented the trainings. Dr. Marks has provided training on this topic to thousands of individuals, including educators, law enforcement staff, and government employees, and a wide array of businesses.

Employee Resource Groups

BRG's Leg Up Program

BRG’s Leg Up Program is an accessible educational and mentorship program intended to inspire lifelong learners and enhance participants’ opportunities for advanced degree programs. Our commitment to racial, ethnic, and gender equality extends the idea of Intelligence That Works to the underserved youth in our communities.

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