Successful Business Networking Tips

It is no surprise that most business owners do not get the most out of their business networking events. Successful networking takes time and effort to establish the relationship beyond the first meeting. People who have successfully tap on the networking platform as part of their marketing channel will see tremendous result for their businesses. The following are some of the advices for having more businesses through successful networking.

If there is only one thing that is important in business networking, that would be follow up. Following up with your contacts is extremely important not only you can maintain a much deeper relationship with your contact but also explore new collaboration opportunities to help one another. Based on my experience, I think less than 80% of the people follow up within 24 hours after networking event. Timing is another important factor when following up and you must make sure that your contacts still remember you! Most of the time, sending a personalized thank you email after the event is a good start.

Positive attitude is also one of the factors for successful networking. When you are meeting new contacts, it is very important to express your positive and proactive attitude because most business owners would like to do business with these high energy people. No one will want to have business deals with someone who is low energy and always focus on things that do not work out. As a rule of thumb, I always look back for the past one month for good news for my business so as to share with my new contacts when we meet up.

Another tip I have for you is to focus on helping someone. I can still remember I was attending a business networking a few years back, there is this successful sales professional who asks me, “So, KC, tell me how can I help you in your business?”. This question literally stops me on track and have me thinking real hard because I have never been asked before! You can imagine how much I appreciate that particular person who is willing to lend me a helping hand. Always think in terms of the other person and you will never go wrong.

To conclude, first impression is very important and it is critical to portray the professional image that you want others to perceive. Having a positive attitude will help to lead the way and following up with a sincere heart to help the other person will almost guarantee successful networking and business deals!