C. Paul Wazzan is an economist specializing in litigation matters.

Dr. Wazzan focuses on providing financial, economic, and statistical expertise in the areas of complex damages, finance (e.g., valuation, securities fraud/10b5, option valuation, class certification, pricing of mortgage risk and MBS/CDOs, commodities price manipulation, solvency analysis), intellectual property (e.g., patent, trademark and copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets), labor and employment (e.g., class certification, managerial misclassification, wage and hour, discrimination), antitrust and competition policy (e.g., market definition, merger analysis, predatory pricing, price-fixing, exclusionary conduct, price discrimination, attempted monopolization), and public policy. He also specializes in large-scale (i.e., millions of records) data analytics (e.g., data acquisition, database design and development, statistical/econometric analysis).

Dr. Wazzan’s analyses have covered a wide range of industries, including basic manufacturing (e.g., automotive, mining, oil and gas, steel, food processing and distribution), high-tech (e.g., aircraft and avionics, semiconductors, digital signal processors, computer peripherals), real estate (e.g., appropriate interest rates in bankruptcy settings, lending discrimination), financial services (e.g., banking, metals and other commodities trading, organized financial markets), retail (e.g., big box, specialty retailers, mall economics), and pharmaceuticals (e.g., pricing of proteins, drugs and the modeling of expected sales).

Dr. Wazzan’s research has been published in peer-reviewed economics journals and law reviews. He has testified in a wide range of matters in federal, state, and bankruptcy courts, the International Trade Commission, domestic and international arbitration proceedings, and in front of legislative bodies. In addition, his testimony has been featured and relied upon in published judicial decisions.

Dr. Wazzan is president and CEO of Wazzan & Co. Investment LLC, a venture capital firm providing seed-level funding to firms specializing in semiconductor, optical networking, biomechanical, biomedical, and related technologies.

Areas of Expertise


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
PhD, Management (Finance)

University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
BA, Economics


Moskowitz Prize: for outstanding research in the field of socially responsible investing. Awarded by Social Investment Forum/Center for Responsible Business, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, 1999.