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Our professionals are immersed in the application and use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in disputes, compliance, and business management settings and work with clients and organizations throughout the world to explore issues of policy and regulation, ethics and privacy, risk and compliance, and value creation and protection, among others.

Adept in handling vast datasets, BRG professionals combine the use of advanced technologies with data science to address specific issues and create custom solutions for clients.

AI, the Law, and Your Firm: What You Need to Know Today

Is your firm using artificial intelligence?

Should it be?

AI is expected to have a profound impact on the practice of law. Lawyers are already using AI in their practices to review documents and conduct research. Yet, as the technology emerges, it brings with it ethical, privacy, and practical concerns.

Listen to BRG’s Richard Finkelman discuss the application of AI and machine learning in e-discovery and document review 

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Promise and Potential

The emergence of generative AI and continued proliferation of more mature AI technologies have extraordinary, transformative potential for the healthcare and life sciences industries. This report introduces this topic to those both unfamiliar with AI and already investing in and using AI in their organizations. BRG surveyed 150 healthcare provider and pharmaceutical company leaders, asking for their opinions about the impact of AI in healthcare. We sat down with our own subject-matter specialists and industry experts to better understand perceptions, timelines for adoption, and potential pitfalls.

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Key Experts

At the Forefront

With the potential to change everything, AI brings opportunities and risks on a scale that can be difficult to comprehend. BRG experts are at the forefront of developments in artificial intelligence and related technology across industries and geographies.

Amy Worley

Managing Director & Associate General Counsel

Data privacy, records management, data governance, and data ethics expert

Learn more about Amy

Richard Finkelman

Managing Director

Nationally recognized technology expert; AI/ML innovator; Relativity 2024 AI Visionary

Learn more about Richard

Erick Gunawan

Managing Director

Testifying expert in computer forensics and eDiscovery in disputes and investigations; expertise in enhanced document-review technology using AI models and ML

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Cleve B. Tyler, PhD

Managing Director

Economist who specializes in testifying on competition, intellectual property, and estimation of damages; and teaches, writes, speaks regularly on, and is engaged in AI research

Learn more about Cleve

Wendy Cheng

Managing Director

Unsupervised and supervised ML applications, predictive and association modeling, prognostic and diagnostic app development, classification algorithms, patterns identification and clustering, time trend and trajectory analysis, individualized medicine, patient decision aids, real-world evidence generation

Learn more about Wendy

Steven Gawthorpe

Associate Director

Spearheads development of AI solutions for applications such as information retrieval, named-entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and text generation

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Leading the Way

Expertise in Cutting-Edge Data Science Projects

Kevin Hamilton

Managing Director

Expert on data privacy, records management, data governance, data ethics, applied AI, ML, and computer vision

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Michael Slattery

Associate Director

Solutions architect who develops new workers to be incorporated in BRG’s Digital Workforce suite


Symphony is a BRG software-as-a-service product that helps users access, share, and collaborate on analytics from different sources and tools in one portal. It also allows users to create and communicate data stories, bookmarks, and feedback without relying on slideshows, emails, or meetings. Symphony aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver value for various industries and roles.

Symphony manages AI bots through intuitive dashboards, allowing users to easily monitor bot performance and output. Symphony also enables human reviewers to check the bots’ work, providing feedback and corrections. This quality assurance step ensures accuracy as the bots continue learning. By centralizing bot monitoring and reviews, Symphony gives transparency and control over an organization’s AI strategy.

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  • The Competitive Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services: Rosa Abrantes-Metz

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For a second year, BRG, Relativity, and the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) facilitated a research initiative to gather and analyze data on experiences using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in eDiscovery and document review. Download the report to learn more.