Case Study

Converting Obstacles to Opportunity

June 10, 2024

How BRG Helped LifeBridge Health Unlock $25 Million in Revenue Cycle Improvement

With a net patient revenue exceeding $2 billion, LifeBridge Health offers services through five acute care centers and nearly 150 medical group locations.

Although LifeBridge had historically achieved a healthy positive operating margin, the health system was facing increasing financial headwinds. BRG’s experts were tasked with elevating LifeBridge to achieve leading-practice revenue cycle performance excellence with an emphasis on addressing industry challenges such as:

  • High bad-debt write-offs: limited communication of patient estimates and pre-service collection efforts, along with inadequate identification of additional third-party coverages
  • Growing payer denials: increased administrative burden from payer authorizations coupled with decentralized and unstandardized financial clearance processes
  • Net revenue leakage: inconsistent revenue reconciliation processes and managed care contracts that favor payers
  • Rising labor costs and staff vacancies: shrinking workforce due to significant attrition and difficulty filling open positions

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