A framework for decision making.

In an increasingly uncertain world, leaders must constantly formulate ways to sustain competitive advantage and deliver value.

Dynamic capabilities afford executives at world-class companies a different perspective on their strategic opportunities.

A unique conceptual framework developed by Berkeley Research Group, dynamic capabilities offers a different frame of reference to top executives: a comprehensive, evidence-based view of your organization’s strategic opportunities that allows you to reexamine accepted priorities and make better decisions in unpredictable but attractive marketplaces.

This type of analysis goes beyond simply reviewing financial statements. Our professionals leverage the dynamic capabilities framework to organize multidisciplinary knowledge from across your organization and outside it, in turn allowing you to apply it in building enduring competitive advantage at the enterprise level. Our approach emphasizes intangible assets—fundamental types of activities that allow you to optimally leverage all the organization’s skills and disciplines in pursuit of your strategic objectives:

  • Sensing – Identifying and assessing your strategic opportunities
  • Seizing – Mobilizing resources to exploit opportunities and capture their inherent value
  • Shifting – Powering the process of organizational self-inquiry, transformation and renewal

Sustaining the enterprise as markets change demands all three of these activities.


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