Colleges and universities face significant internal and external challenges, creating path-defining opportunities for proactive leaders to develop and implement solutions to strengthen excellence, competitive direction, and sustainability.

BRG’s higher education consultancy is distinctly positioned to serve as a strategic advisor to these leaders, combining our team’s diverse experiences, strong aptitude for engaging faculty, and deep understanding of university environments, cultures, and competing priorities. We offer a focused, differentiated approach to addressing the complex challenges facing universities’ strategic positions and core missions (e.g., research, education, economic development, patient care).

Our value to universities comes from our roles as both external higher education experts and trusted collaborators. In teaming with faculty and leadership, we strive to offer customized approaches to understanding complex challenges and developing innovative, actionable solutions.

We focus on the client interaction, the holistic nature of the challenges, and the importance of strategic, sustainable solutions with the stakeholder support and buy-in necessary for successful implementation. This focus differentiates us from consultants that provide “off-the-shelf” solutions or focus on administrative business processes or inefficiencies without addressing the underlying drivers of quality education.

In partnering with colleges and universities, we consider a general strategic framework that aligns organizational, entrepreneurial, and financial strategies to help achieve our clients’ goals and objectives.


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