London International Disputes Week 2024

London, UK

June 3-6, 2024

On June 3—LIDW International Arbitration Day—Nikola Stambolic joined “Panel Session on the Balkans” to discuss the use of arbitration for the resolution of disputes in the Balkans. Find out more.

On June 5, Phil Allister co-presented “Succession, Traitors, and Many Coloured Lotus,” a case study of second-generation wealth, sophisticated and calculating money men, offshore funds, fast cars, Swiss banks, and highland properties. Panelists considered the use of conspiracy claims, criminal proceedings, financial conduct investigations, insolvency procedures, and investigative tools in key jurisdictions to identify the best path to recovery for the client–especially when considering reputational issues, cost, and speed of resolution. Find out more.

On June 5, Matthew McSheaffrey discussed “The Future of Arbitration in the UK, Asia, and Beyond.” Topics included recent legislative changes and amendments to institutional rules, as well as challenges for arbitration including fraud and independence and conflicts of interest. Find out more.

On June 6, Jose Jimenez-Pereira moderated and Peter Bird took part in the panel “Climate Change Disputes: Perspectives from an Industry Expert, Funder, Solicitor, Silk, and Arbitrator.” Panelists discussed the current landscape, trends, and recent cases; what kinds of disputes may emerge in the future; strategic and activist litigation, and human rights claims; typical disputes requiring funding and investor appetite; quantum assessments and challenges and utilization of scenario analyses. Find out more.

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